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Ordering Prints


Seriously simple.

Any photo that you see on my gallery site can be printed professionally and sent in the mail! Look for the cart icon on any picture to see your options.

Here are your options.


Order if you’re going to put the photos in a frame.

Printed on Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital Paper for an increased color gamut, excellent flesh reproduction, sharpness, and brilliant image quality. Available in Lustre or Metallic finish.



Hand-crafted canvases are designed to turn any photo into a beautiful piece of art. Canvases are 1 1/2" in depth, hand-made and ready to hang.



A great lightweight, durable backer for your larger-sized prints. Choose between 3/4" Black Standout and 3mm White Styrene.



Printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish using an innovative process. Metal prints show off vibrant colors and take on life-like depth for an impressive display.



The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout.

Shipping to Canada costs around $23. Since most of these photos are taken at events with many people were present, you could save on this by rallying your friends and family and buying all your prints in one order. The shipping cost will remain a flat fee.

Feel free to email me with any questions before you order your prints.

Digital Full-Resolution Files

It’s also possible to purchase full resolution photos in the same place you would purchase prints. Scroll down to the digital download option, add it to your cart, and the file will be sent to your email address via secure download link. Feel free to take these photos and print them out yourself!

Keep in mind that WHCC Lab is committed to making the highest quality prints. By ordering prints through my website you’re guaranteed fantastic quality, getting prints shipped directly to your door and further supporting me as an artist and photographer.

Photo Retouching

With this option, I can retouch a photo to perfection from your event. If you’re interested in having me do so, simply contact me with the link to the image you’d like retouched. The total charge for retouching a single image is $60, including sending the full-resolution photo by email.


How does this whole print system work?
My online photo delivery system is part of a website called Pixieset. They offer Lab Fulfillment printing services by WHCC Lab. When you order, WHCC receives the highest quality files from Pixieset, prints them on your selected medium and mails the prints directly to you. In fact, I never even see the prints myself!

Why is shipping so expensive?
WHCC Lab is located in the USA. Unfortunately, the only print labs available through Pixieset are located in the USA, therefore shipping to Canada can get a little expensive. Try ordering with friends and family so you can save on shipping costs (I don’t see any of the shipping cost you pay, so I’m on your side).

Can I get high resolution images to print myself?
Absolutely. You can purchase the digital original files through the gallery for $25. The watermarks are removed and you can take the file to any print shop. Just click the cart icon over the photo and find the digital file option.

Please first consider purchasing prints directly from my website. By doing so you are supporting me as a photographer, you’re guaranteed fantastic quality and you might even save some money!

Do you make money from these prints?
Yes, I do! By purchasing prints online from my gallery, you are showing your support for my work and pushing my career forward as a photographer. So thank you!!

What about your watermark?
When ordering prints, my watermark is removed from the photo.

Can I just download the images myself and bring them to a photo lab for printing?
Glad you asked. Yep, you absolutely could. However, these are low resolution images meant for the internet and my watermark remains on the photo, so they aren’t very suitable for printing. By ordering through my website, they’re printed using the original full-resolution files, the watermark is removed, AND you’re supporting me as a photographer and artist. You’re also guaranteed to get the utmost print quality through WHCC Lab.

I just ordered, what do I do now?
Nothing! Just wait for the prints in the mail. You could run out to grab a frame so you’re ready when it shows up :)
Also, THANK YOU so much for your support and I’m so happy that you like my work.