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About Me

You don’t often see someone leaving Instagram or Facebook nowadays, so THANKS for jumping over and visiting my website!

Let’s keep this short: I’m a sound engineer with a passion for photography.

I did my master’s degree in Sound Recording at McGill University. After some classical recording and videography work, I decided to move on to working in film sound, both on set and in post-production. Check out my IMDB and my sound page, to see my work so far.

I love staying busy, so in my spare time I started booking some portrait shoots with friends and friends of friends. I ended up shooting a few events, concerts and some interesting people, and now here I am, booking real clients and turning my passion into a career. Head back to the photography page to see my work (if you’re on a computer, maximize that window!).

If you’ve made it this far and want to know more about me, click here. It’s a ~secret~ page with an extended biography and, if you’re interested, lists the gear I use.



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